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Basketball has been my life since I was about 8 years old. My free time has been spent in the gym, my weekends at tournaments and camps. My hooper friends are all I got! We would work out together on our days off, we would meet in the park to play if we had a weekend off but when it was time to compete we had to be able to be fierce competitors. I wouldn’t have been the player I am today if I didn't have these guys to push me, dream with me, live like I live, & make the sacrifices I made. Their support & friendship has been very important to me - we were each others reminder of why we do this, we are Divine 5.

EC - Elliot Cadeau

DH- Dylan Harper

TP - Tahaad Pettiford

NC - Naz Cunningham

JJ - Jeremiah JJ Jenkins

David - JJ’s brother who sadly passed away in 2019 and has been his guardian angel ever since